RotoDoodle 2.3

Source:Jeffrey Farris

Create amazing spirographs!

RotoDoodle is a fun new drawing applications that lets you draw and share cool "spirograph"-like patterns!

Select from an 3 main patterns and thousands of bright glowing colors to create an unlimited number of designs. The doodles and geometric patterns you can create are amazing!

You can easily save your drawings share them to your friends with the touch of a button!

Send your best drawings to and I'll pick the best ones to put up on the Android Marketplace! Screenshot #3 submitted by Natalie!

1) Hit the "plus" to choose the spirograph pattern
2) Hit the "pencil" then "color" to choose the color. When picking color touch the circle in the center when you are done.
3) Start drawing spirograph. Touch far from the center to draw larger spirographs.
4) Repeat above steps until your picture is done!

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